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Common Questions

Hours of Operation:

Our programs run from 7:00am to 6:00pm. We offer a 9 or 12 month schedule.

School Schedule:

We close for federal holidays and the period between the Christmas and New Year holidays. We also close one week at the end of each summer to prepare for the upcoming school year. The third Wednesday every month we close at 4:00 for faculty training and meetings.

Program Offerings:

We offer 2, 3, and 5 day programs for children 2 to 5 years, full or half day. Our half day schedule is 8:30am to 1:00pm. Our children have daily access to work in our atelier (art studio). Creative movement and various team sports are offered on-campus during the day.

Nutritious Snacks:

We serve 2 snacks per day of organic and locally raised foods. We will also eat what we grow in our community garden.

Environmentally Aware:

We will be mindful of our resources and responsibilities to the Earth. We will try to keep our paper consumption low, we will recycle and re-use whenever possible and we will use people and Earth friendly cleaning products.


We are an outdoors program. -We go outside every day. Most of our instruction is based upon what is happening in the natural world. We will spend a good deal of time engaged with Mother Nature (2 to 6 hours most seasons of the year) and we will get dirty! We have a 40+ acre campus with a children’s community garden, fields, streams, hiking trails, and for older children, access to an outdoor pool in summer. We have a combination of both fenced play areas and open space. During the school day the children can experience the joys of planting and harvesting in the garden, running through the fields, observing wildlife and exploring the streams. They can climb on the boulders, trees and playground, create endlessly in the sand, snuggle up in the shade of our “tree-ish” house with a great story or art materials.

Class Size:

Our class sizes are small. We have no more than 10 children in any one class. Our 2's classes have no more than 5.


Our experienced staff meet and exceed all Maryland State requirements and are mindful practitioners of their vocation. Each year they participate in both in-service training and additional educational opportunities to meet and exceed all MSDE continuing education requirements.

Technology, Computers in the classrooms:

We are following the position statement made by NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) which says computers may have "positive effect" on children's learning but in no way replace highly valued early childhood activities and materials. For us this means the children will have very occasional opportunities to use search engines to support inquiry but they will not take the place of developmentally appropriate materials. The children will have varied and ample opportunities to express themselves and practice skills using a large variety of artistic and explorative expression. This means we will be making messes for creative purposes, playing, often outdoors with actual objects and writing using actual writing implements.

Inclement Weather Schedule :

We do not follow Baltimore County Public Schools' schedule exactly. We use it as a guide when deciding on the best course of action for delays/closing. When schedule changes occur, families will receive text and email by 6:00a.m. Updates will also be posted on FB.


We offer several programs to meet the needs of families. Please call us to schedule a tour and discuss your specific program's tuition.


We are located in the middle of Hunt Valley on the gated campus of the Beaver Dam pond. To find us turn onto Lakefront Drive off of Beaver Dam Road. Follow into office complex and make the left turn onto our gravel lane. You will see our rustic building on the right.