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Teaching and Learning

Our Approach To Learning

We implement an emergent model curriculum based on events in the natural world. We begin with exemplars from the Maryland State Department of Education. Based on experiences in nature, we explore topics of interest to the children. It is through these relevant and meaningful investigations that children utilize their natural curiosity, creative and critical thinking, problem solving and organizational abilities. The habits of mind they begin to develop will start them on a solid path of lifelong love of learning and discovery. The basic readiness skills that are needed for kindergarten are learned and practiced incidentally. The children use their early skills with interest and intent as they express themselves and create. All of our children become deeply engaged in the art of discovery, exploration and expansion of their interests.

We are influenced by the greats in early childhood educational theory and practice; Maria Montessori, Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf), Loris Malaguzzi, (Reggio Emilia approach) practices of contemplative education, inquiry based learning and the concept of the project approach. We work with several local schools to make sure we are preparing our children for successful academic futures. We are following all of the standards Accredidation by the state of Maryland. As we implement our core values of creativity, compassion, respect and stewardship, we are preparing the children to be engaged and successful participants in the world in which they live.

Our child centered program offers a balance between active and quiet activities, fine and gross motor skill enhancement and child and teacher directed interaction. Much of our instruction occurs outdoors and the beautiful indoor classrooms are arranged in such a way as to maximize exploration and learning outcomes.

Through their explorative play, children are motivated to learn and discover, empowered to make choices and free to think critically and creatively develop solutions to problems. Our daily activities are designed specifically with experiences that will help children find out who they are and what they can do in the world. Lots of skill introduction and reinforcement happens along the way, affording all children optimum opportunities for enrichment.

Our faculty are intentional practitioners of their vocation. Every member of our team has participated in mindfulness training. This provides us with great levels of introspection, assuring each interaction with every child is meaningful, compassionate and genuine. Professional and personal integrity are integral to our team. Our values are reflected in all that we do in the community.